I’m a fifth year Ph.D. student in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) at Carnegie Mellon University. I am advised by Prof. Bob Kraut and Prof. Haiyi Zhu.

My research focus on ways that facilitate the process both for volunteers who would like to provide support and for beneficiaries who desire to obtain support from others. I look into how a variety of factors that affect social support exchange from both the social interaction level (e.g., is a specific strategy going to improve the support exchange outcome) and the individual level (e.g., is a more experienced member more committed to providing social support).

Before coming to CMU, I earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in the Department of Information Science at Cornell University, where I was advised by Prof. Sue Fussell. Back then, I worked on multi-cultural communication with CMC tools with Ge Gao.

I contribute contents to HUPU 虎扑 China. I wrote for the Chinese "Go" magazine Weiqi World 《围棋天地》.

I love cats.

Invited talk at HCIL, University of Maryland.
Submitted new work to CSCW 2019. Learned a ton from this experience.
Attended CSCW 2018 at Jersey City. LOTS OF FUN!
Submitted our self-dislocure paper to CSCW 2018.
New piece on Shin Minjun 6P and Shin Jinseo 8p will be featured on Issue 21 of Weiqi World 2017. [pdf]
Finished and passed my PhD "comm talk".
I wrote about the TV series Reply 1988 on Issue 13 of Weiqi World. [pdf]
Wrapped up my first year as a PhD student. Learned a ton!
Two papers subumitted to CSCW 2018. Huge thanks to my advisors and collaborators.
Our ICWSM submission is accepted as a poster!
Landed at Pitts and started my second semester.
Our paper on self-disclosure was submitted to ICWSM-17, thanks to Diyi
I have a new piece featured on Issue 3-4 of Weiqi World about Park Junghwan 9P. [pdf]
Wrapped up my very first semester at CMU. Now to home and cats!
Officially matched up with my advisor Bob Kraut!
First day of class at CMU. First day as a PhD.
Orientation started! Glad to see our cohort again :)
Wrapped up my internship. Rocked the poster session! Olympic time!
Started my second summer REU at CMU.
Graduated from Cornell after five years! Bye-bye, Ithaca.
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  3. Applications of Social Identity Theory to Research and Design in Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
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